Deadly Hunta

Deadly Hunta: A well-seasoned international dancehall reggae artist who has crafted a successful career over the past 10 years, gripping audiences worldwide with his energetic performances and powerful messages.


There is no secret as to why Deadly continues to make his mark on the international music scene, with timeless hits crossing over from dancehall, Hip hop, reggae, afro-dancehall and jungle. His versatility enables him to captivate the heart and spirit of people from all walks of life.


Collaborations with a number of well-known producers such as Aphrodite, Catch 22, Bobby Digital, Skitz and Gaudi has resulted in mainstream exposure. Hits such as ‘Ganjaman’, ‘Talk Out Loud’ and ‘Yes I Will’, saw Deadly perform live on BBC Radio One, BBC Radio One Live lounge with John Peel, BBC Electric proms, BBC 1Xtra, and was playlisted on MTV Base. Featuring with artists such as General Levy, Rodney P, Skinny Man, Mikey General, Genna G, Solo Banton, King Kong, Diabolic and many more have firmly cemented Deadly’s name as one of the UK’s leading dancehall reggae artists.


One of Deadlys’ early pursuits led him to Jamaica where he worked with the infamous Bobby Digital and was able to gain inspiration from working in the same studios with the likes of Bounty Killa, Elephant man, Tanya Stephens, Buju Banton, Terra Fabulous and many more.


Deadly’s extensive experience both in and out of the recording studio has enabled him to create lyrically astute songs with meaningful content. After the success of his two previous albums, “Speak My mind’ and ‘Supa Heru’ Deadly has now gone back to his dancehall roots and recently completed his third album ’20:20 Vision’ (to be released in 2020) which as well as party bangers and love anthems covers current issues such as domestic violence, racism and spiritual awakening.

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