Lady Lykez

Reigning from North London, Lady Lykez’ brand of robust, momentum inducing, British hip-hop has garnered high acclaim from audiences and peers alike. Lykez’s music is impactful and seizes the listeners attention with tribal, visceral grooves, interlaced with slick, upfront production and most significantly Lady Lykez’ jaw-dropping, versatile and explosive rapping ability.

Additionally, her music is empowering, uplifting, witty and personable; striking a balance between levity and turbulence and showcasing acute skill and personality in tandem. Nowhere is this more evident than on Lady Lykez latest EP release Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali dropped on Hyperdub, produced by Scratchclart aka Scratcha DVA, it connects the diasporic sounds of grime, gqom and dancehall, pushing the possibilities of rap far into the future.

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