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The Nasty Bros is a collective of established industry veterans specialising in UK funky, garage, grime, Dubstep and DnB scenes. With excellent on-stage chemistry and the ability to both draw a crowd and drive them into a frenzy, The Nasty Bros are making a big splash on the scene and are in high demand!




Marcus Nasty (UK Funky)
Mak 10 (Grime)
N-Type (Dubstep/Garage/Grime/DnB)
Madusa (DnB)


Sharky Major (Grime)
Dizzle Kid (Grime)
Mic Man Frost (House & Funky UKG)
Shantie (UKG and UK Funky)
Nutcracka (DnB)
Shaydee (DnB)
Slowie (Dubstep and Grime)
Ten Dixon (Grime and Experimental)
Shade 1 (Grime and UK Funky)
Miz (Grime)



Solo Jane (All and Everything)


Internationally located DJs:
Producer / DJ Burna (Australia)
DJ Top Shotta (Germany)


Extra DJs:
Scar Duggy (UK Funky / Baille / Multi-Genre)
Ash (UKG)


Videographer/Photographer / Editor:

Bad Lucy

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