Sgt Pokes

South London born Croydon veteran,  Pokes’ voice has been synonymous with the bass soaked sounds of DMZ, Swamp81, Deep Dark & Dangerous, Wheel & Deal, Magnetic Man, Deep Medi, Ntype, Benga and Skream to name a few of the heavyweights that have sought out his vocal control of the dance.


More in line with the dance hosts of old, Pokes works as a conduit between DJ and crowd, giving the sound the room and space to breathe inside the dance. Pokes hosts a set with animal instinct and kinetic energy with the keen understanding that the music is the focus.


Founding member of DMZ with Loefah and Digital Mystikz as well as the founder of Croydub and Roulette club nights- it’s always about good vibes when Pokes is hosting on mic.

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