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Started off in the late 90s after finding a love for UK garage on pirate radio coupled with spending endless hours in record shops like Rhythm Division, Uptown, Blackmarket, Wired For Sound, Record Village and more, Spooky dipped his toe in the musical waters after landing guest slots on Mystic FM in 2002 before landing on Heat FM in 2003. Has also touched ‘bass’ on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Rinse FM, Deja Vu FM, Urban FM TV, Ice Cold/Image Radio, Raw Blaze/Raw UK, Represent, Radar, NTS, Ave It FM and Urban Tingz to name a few. Now holds it down with a weekly radio show on Mode FM and a monthly residency on Subtle FM. Dropped his 1st vinyl release ‘Joyride’ in 2005 with Slew Dem, then waited 5 years before his 2nd release ‘Murderer EP’ with Oil Gang in 2010. Then released the massive ‘Spartan’ in 2011 on No Hats No Hoods and stepped out with the bassline banger ‘Baby’ in 2012 on Unknown to the Unknown, along with releases on Big Dada, Trouble & Bass, Slit Jockey, Project Allout, DDJs, Slimzos, Fabric, Hot Mom USA (nka Alma Mater), Boxed and more. Played across the UK and Scotland to tours abroad including USA, Japan, Australia & New Zealand, Iceland, Croatia, Russia, Greece, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands and beyond. Has produced, remixed and collaborated alongside the likes of Slew Dem, Ruby Black, Stormin, Blacks, Wiley, Skepta, Boylan, Hitman Tiga, Nasty Jack, Sir Spyro, Juzlo, J Beatz, P Jam, Dubzta, Rapture 4D & Polonis, President T, Irah, Killa P, Lady Chann, Nikki S & Nyke, Jammz, Mic Ty, Trends, Scope, Jakebob, Scrivs, Discarda, M.I.K, Rossi B & Luca w/ Flirta D, Murlo & Famous Eno, Slimzee & Asif Kid, Doe Boy, J-Sweet, Kele Le Roc, DJ Big Mikee, Brick & Lace, Riddim Commission & D Double E, DPower, OGz, Kozzie, Capo Lee etc… It’s fair to say Spooky is a seasoned vet in the grime scene.

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