SUMGII is a UK DJ and producer, who has spent more than a decade earning himself a reputation as one of the most innovative and genre-bending production forces in the country. Impossible to pigeonhole and guaranteed to shell down each and every set, Sumgii is the definitive answer to the question – how can we make this bang?


Fellow co-founder of the 616/DVLGNG imprint, joint CEO of Potent Funk Records, with recent records on Ivy Lab’ 20/20 label and joint album with Jam Baxter ‘Obscure Liqueurs’, Sumgii is far from your typical beat maker, having developed a distinctly abstract approach to his production methods, which are driven by an eclectic mix of inspirations and influences.


Sumgii’s DJ skills have recently earned him tour dates in Europe as with Foreign Beggars, as well as holding down the decks for his Potent Funk, Blah, and High Focus comrades. He also maintains full control of production for Cult Mountain, having helped them to make their undeniable impact on the UK rap scene.


As you would expect from his varied production styles, Sumgii’s DJ sets incorporate a wealth of genres and an abundance of good vibes, which have secured him regular spots at the likes of JUST JAM, SWAMP81, 2020LDN, RINSE FM, BALAMII, CROYDUB and NTS. His sets have included support from MCs such as SGT POKES, iLLAMAN, CRAZY D, KILLA P, BLACK JOSH, SNOWY and JAMMZ, who have all CO-Signed the sets as something special and not to be missed.

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