Trends & Boylan

If you don’t know them already, Trends and Boylan are the hardy producers behind what is potentially the most mental instrumental of 2016, Norman Bates.
Both of a Drum and Bass background, the pair had only made a couple of tunes together before they produced this grime anthem. It’s long-awaited release on Oil Gang finally came true after a slew of batterings from influential members across the Grime and Dubstep scenes like Slimzee, Logan Sama, Sir Spyro, Dj Target, N-Type, just to name a few.
The duo continue to prove they are a force to be reckoned with follow up releases such as the “Untouchable EP” where they teamed up with Riko Dan for the anthems Kruger and Dutty Harry, their debut Album “Bedlam” on Trends’s Mean Streets Label and most recently the mighty “Hear That” Remix they did for Cimm and Youngsta also featuring Riko Dan.

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