Trilogy is the combination and unification of three Dubstep OGʼs; Hatcha, Youngsta and N-Type. Three passionate DJʼs who crafted their own style and techniques to become outstanding in their field. Now for the first time since the inception of Dubstep, they have joined forces to present the very best of their sound, in their signature, technical style. As individuals they have pioneered the Dubstep sound from its infancy to the furthest reaches of the globe. Their love for Dubstep has never been stronger and with their labels; Hatched, Sentry and Wheel & Deal, they have continued to push the sound and look for new emerging talent. Trilogy performances are high energy and full of the freshest cutting edge music, a good dose of nostalgia and exclusive tracks that only these DJʼs own. Trilogy is the pinnacle Dubstep DJ set, laced with a selection of the finest UK MCʼs and vocalists.

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